Sandown Motor Holdings (Pty) Ltd

In August 1998, the Company was awarded the Mercedes-Benz franchise for Worcester, formerly the territory of Masonic Motors, and renamed the operation Orbit Motors Boland. In March 1999, the Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Worcester operations were awarded the franchise for Chrysler Products. On 01 April 2001 the Group was awarded the franchise for Mitsubishi products in both Johannesburg and Pretoria and Mitsubishi dealerships were opened in Bryanston and Centurion.Sandown Motor Holdings (Pty) Ltd, formerly Sandown Motors (Pty) Ltd, commenced trading in May 1982 when it was awarded the Mercedes-Benz franchise for Sandton. In 1989, Ellenby Motors in Pretoria was purchased and, at approximately the same time, Malbak Motor Holdings acquired the Group. 

In June 2001 Daimler AG acquired a majority interest in the Group while the Group Managing Director, Mr Roy McAllister, retains a significant interest and management control of the Group.

In September 2002 the competitions board ruled in favour of Daimler AG's new network strategy and in consequence, the Sandown Motor Holdings Group acquired certain dealerships in specific geographical areas and disposed of others outside of its designated trading area.

Known for exceptional sales and service, Sandown Motor Holdings is the own retail arm of Mercedes Benz South Africa’s extensive dealer network.

The Company’s Head Office is in Bryanston.